This is a different view of Seattle.

I try to show a unique perspective of my city through puddle, water, and light reflections and also with creative compositions, views, and angles.

I like to keep things simple, my puddle reflections are NOT Photoshop creations or digital manipulations. I enjoy finding new and different ways of looking at things. Beauty is everywhere in our world, we just have to see it.

PERSPECTIVE: It's how we view the world, how we feel about the things that surround us and the events that shape our lives. A different perspective can change everything; it can turn a bad day into a good one, a setback into an opportunity, even an ordinary puddle can become a work of art.

I have found that life is all about perspective and I hope you enjoy mine. I view the subjects of my photography as metaphors for life; it's all how you look at it.

Thanks for letting me share my passion with you!

-Scott Cahill Rude